About Buffalo Wood Craft


High in Fiber Yet Full of Taste

Welcome to the Macaroni Wood Shop.  Take a look around, let us know if you see anything you like.  Pull up a chair and sit a spell.  Join us for a little taster, there’s always something cooking in here,  a table full of delights,  and a story worth sharing.

I was not born with a chisel in my hand, much to the relief of my mother, but have many years of experience working with wood, a deep respect for the craft, an eye for detail, a knack for innovation, an artful sense of design, and an innate ability to give each piece of wood the attention it deserves.  I never lose sight of the fact that every board was once a part of a living, glorious tree, and what it is to become, must be deserving of that sacrifice.

Buffalo Wood Craft is a handful of local artisans, each with their peculiar approach to the craft.   While striving to forge a working relationship with local foresters, salvaged and reclaimed wood sources, and suppliers of FSC, (Forest Stewardship Council), certified hardwoods, we employ ageless techniques to create uniquely innovative, contemporary pieces of functional art.  And sometimes their only function is purely aesthetic.

So, like I said, take a look around, if you like what you see and are interested in having one of us build something for you, just let us know.  Thanks for visiting.