Astounding Resources


Thumbtack is a great local resource directory that connects clients and professionals.  It includes an extensive business profile, a picture portfolio, mission statement of sorts, contact information as well as a direct connection, and an opportunity to read and leave customer feedback.  A new bridge in the client, professional relationship.


Birdhammer ROCKS!!!  This is one of the most intriguing people I know, and the web site follows in her ever mindful footprint.  From home made dog food recipes to the free spirited ramblings of a road wizened nomad, it will keep one turning the page.  Kitty has been a best friend, a trusted cohort, a guide, and an inspiration.  She is also quite the woodsmith in her own right.  Soars like a hawk and hits like an Estwing.



Urban Timber Works is an invaluable source of locally harvested hardwoods.  This locally owned and run business harvests trees in and around the Portland area that would otherwise have been bucked into firewood, at best.  It is the mindful option for woodworkers.  If you have an old tree that has just got to go, call them first.



Urban Hardwood Recovery is another great source of locally harvested hardwood.



Woodcrafters has just about everything for your woodworking project.  From the wood itself to the saws, blades, bits, chisels, and planes, they have it.  Not to mention the knowledgeable, friendly, and most helpful staff.



Craigs List is, well, you know…




Forest Stewardship Council, each of us holds a key piece of the universal conscience in our soul, this organization is an outward manifestation of that puzzle in it’s entirety.




The Rebuilding Center, although their prices have gotten a bit out of control, they are still a wonderful resource for reclaimed lumber, wood, windows, doors, hardware, flooring, and you name it, they have it.  You just have to pick around for a while.