Feb 032010

Entry Door Interior

Solid Padauk Entry Door

Padauk Entry Door Exterior

This was one of my first real tests as a woodworker.  I have only a few, poor quality photos of the door and unfortunately, no photos of the building process.  I teamed up with the new owner of an old bar with big plans.  In six months, we gutted the interior and did the build out while contractors worked on the exterior and dealt with all structural elements.  This door, entirely constructed of hand selected solid African Padauk, was actually built on a pool table with two sheets of 3/4″ Plywood for a bench top.  Hand cut mortise and tenons join the rails and stiles, while the panels are all beveled tongue and groove.  One can see from the two photos, how Padauk, protected from UV rays, maintains its natural red orange beauty and unprotected, transforms to a rich golden brown within months.  I am happy to report that, aside from the neglect on the finish, the door is holding up well.  The rest of the bar, counter rim, back bar, beer towers, shelves, and lots of trim, have held up well too.  This project was my spring board, I decided I really needed, and wanted, to make the move into a shop space.  Cheers!

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