May 212011


Interjection 1



It is now 4:00, May 21, 2011.  According to Family Radio president, Harold Camping, we now, here on the West Coast of America, have exactly two hours before the “End OF Times”. Those on the East Coast, including my daughter, have already experienced this incredible transformation.  Hallelujah!  The “rapture” is upon us.

So one is led to believe, and one really does need to be talked into this kind of load of crap, that all of the true believers souls will be transported to the kingdom of heaven, while the rest of us godless infidels are left here to parish in the fires of hell.  Hmmm,  let’s see, an eternity with a flock of mindlessly irresponsible bliss ninnies, or a few hours with my pals in the fires of hell…  I’ll take the spicy dish thank you.

Actually, if God or Jesus or whoever checks their passports to heaven, would simply come down here and remove these La La Landers, transplant them to wherever it is they want to go, get them Out Of The Way , and just leave the rest of us the “hell” alone, to try to salvage what ignorance, greed, pride, and fear has been trying to destroy since God knows when, why that’d be just fine.  We need to find our “story”.  See you tomorrow.





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