Sep 092011

Intervention I


In two days the date will be 9/11/11, ten years after the day our world, and our country, changed forever.  The day we willingly forfeited many of our hard won freedoms in the name of “freedom”.  To call that ironic is a harsh understatement.  To call that a victory is a wild overstatement, in fact it would seem we lost that war before it even started.  And the many unanswered questions still haunt the waking hours, if not the hours of dreams, of every inquisitive, thinking person that dares ask.  Justice for the victims of 9/11 and the thousands of victims claimed in the aftermath may never be had.

The questions can only lead to suspicion, and there is enough of that to go around, even if the vast majority refuse to ask.  Questions like, how could a renegade band of tent dwelling nomads organize, infiltrate, and perpetrate such atrocities with such strategic precision?  How could our government deny knowledge of a plan to use commercial airliners as weapons?  How could they allow it to happen?  Why were all of our fighter jets sent off to “military maneuvers”, too far away to respond on that particular day?  How could a couple of untrained non pilots, that flunked out of small airplane training school perform mid air maneuvers that challenge the skills of our finest, seasoned pilots?  How can it be that, for the first time in history, not one, but two skyscrapers structurally fail and collapse due to fire?  How is it that both of them fall directly into their own footprint, a feat that takes years of planning and precise execution for demolition experts?  Why does a third building, not directly compromised by the collapse of the twin towers, also collapse into its own footprint?  Why are there so many eye witness reports of numerous explosions in the substructures of all three buildings?  With all the video surveillance footage in and around the Pentagon, why has not a single frame of a Boeing 757 zeroing in on the target been released, not even to the 9/11 commission?  How can there be virtually no confirmed pieces of that airliner in the wreckage?  Why is the hole in the side of the Pentagon too small for the nose of a 757, and where is the damage that the jet engines and wings surely would have caused?  Why was the debris from flight 93, that, according to the “official story” did a nose dive into a small hole in the middle of a field, scattered over eight miles of Pennsylvania?  How, for the first time in aviation history, can all evidence of passengers have simply evaporated, while the paper ID card of one of the “hijackers” somehow remain intact?  And, though there are far too many other unanswered questions left by the “official story” to even begin to wrap your mind around, wouldn’t you like to know why, after the the biggest homicidal crime ever perpetrated on American soil, virtually every single piece of forensic evidence from the “crime scene” was shipped off and destroyed as quickly as possible,  uninspected and never put under a microscope by the finest forensic experts the world has to offer?  And how can the American people so willingly accept a story so wrought with holes and missing pieces, and allow our Commander and Chief to march our military off to invade two sovereign nations in retaliation, one that clearly had nothing to do with 9/11?

Afghanistan bankrupt the U.S.S.R., and, like an omen of things to come, we recently lost our coveted triple A credit rating.  With millions of people in our own country suffering from hunger, lack of needed medical attention, lack of a roof over their heads, and missing so many other essentials for a healthy life, how can we justify spending two and a half trillion dollars to police nations on the other side of the world?  Call me UnAmerican for asking questions, but this is one of the basic rights we, as Americans still have, to ask important questions of our elected officials and demand complete, credible, and honest answers.  The America I grew to love as a child has been, well, ironically enough, hijacked, and is, as I write, crashing.  One thing is clear, things will never go back, things will never be the same.

Now, I guess I should try to get back to 1979, though there is nothing more important than what is happening, or not happening, right now.  And the Mayan Calendar will soon be at an end, or a new beginning.  Perhaps it will usher in an age of beauty and wonder, free from the maladies that seem to haunt us, an age we are only able to imagine, to catch a fleeting glimpse of in the cracks of our world.  One can hope.

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