Feb 282012

Letter to C_



The music is, for the most part, new, but is meant to compliment the artwork, though it be generated on a computer.  It is simply a compilation of some of the stuff I’ve been listening to lately.  The “art” is multiple layers of some of the images of “us” I have collected over the years, in scrapbooks and in dreams.  The deepest layers are our best kept secrets, beckoning back toward the days, be they few, when we had none.  Now all but buried by the new.  They are intended to create a tapestry, multidimensional and rich, distant and vague, and fragrant with the spices with which we have flavored the space between us.  There is far too much of that space lately, but then I’ve heard it said that space is an illusion.  And time?  Perhaps.

You are a sweet melody in a world of droning voices.  The knowledge of your friendship and love help me reach the other side of nothing when the light fades and darkness descends.  And then I plant one more footprint.  It is a long journey.  It is forever.  I have no choice other than to return your love with gratitude and yeppers, more love.  Lots of it!

Happy Birthday Charis!

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